Originally launched by a network of libraries for the National Year of Reading in 2012 to encourage everyone to stop and read for an hour, Australian Reading Hour is now a much-loved highlight on Australia’s literary calendar. Presented annually by Australia Reads, it is celebrated by readers, writers, illustrators, publishers, libraries and booksellers alike all of whom get involved in – and promote – the act of reading via a series of events, social media, and other activities.  

In 2021 to celebrate the tenth Australian Reading Hour we presented two free virtual events for kids and teens exploring how the stories that matter most to us, the books we read, write and discuss help shape our sense of identity, belonging, wellbeing, understanding and connection. 

These events were made possible thanks to the support of the Copyright Cultural Fund and our industry partners, and in collaboration with Sydney Opera House and Hello Television made available on demand for hundreds of schools and libraries around Australia in the week of Australian Reading Hour. 

‘The live illustrating was great for online learning, as was seeing how books were made.’

‘We’d like more events with enthusiastic authors just as you had. Kids always like someone funny!’

‘Continue this great work with videos so teachers can integrate into current curriculum programs.’


Visit our You-Tube channel to view mini-episodes.


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“I will read or listen to an Australian book, whether written or drawn or illustrated or spoken aloud, wherever I may be, in city or bush, in the bath, in bed or up a tree, for one hour on Tuesday 14 September 2021. I will read silently or aloud, I will read by myself or in a crowd. I will read a story that matters to me.”

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