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Australian Reading Hour has a short and sweet message: read, share, and enjoy books!

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We’re asking all Australians across the nation to spend an hour on the day reading and sharing the stories they love with others. It’s a whole day, where the whole country talks about books together.

Choose from a program of live and online events around the country, organise your own book club or reading party, or simply tuck yourself away for some delicious quiet reading time on your own.

You can take a look at our past events here. 

Check our event guide to find out how to host or attend an event and see our directory to discover amazing Australian authors and illustrators to book for your programs. You can also download the campaign artwork to share online.

Social media activity runs all day, so there’s lots of opportunity to connect with other book lovers and Australian authors and illustrators.

When to read

Choose any hour that suits you! Australian Reading Hour is about taking some time out to unwind and escape into a book, and you can take part at any time on the day.

We invite you to:

  • Read something new, or revisit an old favourite!
  • Share the experience of the book with others – chat about what you’re reading in your community, your school, with your family and friends. 
  • Enjoy the wellbeing benefits that come with reading. Did you know reading reduces stress by up to 68%? 

What to read

You can read and share any book you like – what will you recommend to others?

Australian Reading Hour is a great way to introduce someone to an author that you love, choose an Australian story or discover new titles suggested by others. 

Let your friendly, expert local booksellers and librarians know your interests and they’ll have some top recommendations for you.

Still curious about what to choose?

  • All reading formats are awesome – you could try anything from traditional fiction and non-fiction to comics, audiobooks, graphic novels and zines.
  • Read or listen in any language you like – there are more than 400 languages spoken in Australia and a rich history of storytelling in First Nations cultures.
  • Recommendations from others are great ways to find new stories – ask your friends about their favourite books by:
    • genre (romance, sci-fi, horror, crime, fantasy)
    • emotions (stories for rainy days, breakups, first dates)
    • activities (books for commuting, for road trips, for sitting by the pool)
    • time (first chapters, excerpts, flash fiction, poetry, short stories, essays).

Book lovers unite

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