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To get you started, with the help of Leesa from The Little Book Room, we’ve put together this list of award-winning books!

Click the covers to find out more about the book. The books are sorted by years, but it’s just a guide!

We think the best books are the ones you actually want to read – so we encourage you all to explore the full list. Trust the vibe and glide.


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‘Literature plays a critical role in giving children and young adults an opportunity to explore and understand issues in an age-appropriate way. At a time of great anxiety such as we are facing now, books can provide solace and a way to navigate through challenges. Reading allows us to live with the characters for the life of the book, immersing ourselves in their world and trying to understand their situation.

Australian books for children are world-renowned and offer young readers everything from warm family stories, especially in picture books, through fantasy, whimsy, magic realism ad humour to gritty, challenging books for young adults. Now is the time to explore (or perhaps re-explore) all that the wonderful world of Australian children’s literature has to offer.’

– Margot Hillel OAM, Chair National Board, CBCA


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