Reading After Dark

Join us for Australian Reading Hour and rediscover the joy of being read to whilst enjoying some light refreshment. For one night only, story time is for the grown-ups and you will hear a selection of short fiction, poetry, and articles chosen by one of our well-read librarians.

You could also take the mic and share some of your favourite writing with your fellow readers.

Bookings required. Ages 18+

Want to share some writing?

We are welcoming you to take the mic and share some of your favourite writing. You’ll have a maximum of five minutes, so make sure to choose a good extract if you are reading from a longer piece.

Things you might read to the group include:

  • short stories
  • novel extracts
  • essays
  • poems

Five benefits of reading:

  • Reduces stress and promotes wellness
  • Helps with brain health
  • Helps sleep
  • Improves our relationships through increased empathy
  • Reading inspires success ‘not all readers are leaders, but all readers are leaders’