Poetry Fusion

This Thursday the 9th of March, join four of Mparntwe’s poets at the Library for Australia Reads. Storytelling is how we connect to each other, how we share, show love and express ourselves, reflecting our surroundings and our community. This intimate event will not only see our poets share their works but also provide a Q&A space for the audience to ask questions of our poets, get to know how they use poetry to navigate the world around them and celebrate and support this place we all call home.

Sylvia Purrurle Neale, a senior Arrernte woman, a writer, poet and performer, a mother, grandmother and great grandmother.
Victoria Alondra is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores the intersections of joy and resistance, identity, displacement, violence and the cosmos.
Kelly Lee Hickey is an award winning artist, researcher and educator. She builds connections between people, places and ideas through collaborative and participatory creative works.
Laurie May. Our Host. “With Aboriginal and New Zealand heritage they have the saltwater, the red dirt and long white cloud in their veins. Embracing trauma and a troubled youth to create works of that challenge perspectives.”