Program announced for VOLUME

The full program has been announced for VOLUME – a free, online symposium dedicated to building a stronger reading culture in Australia.

Author, curator, and city-maker Jess Scully will host the day-long symposium, which opens with Nardi Simpson exploring the long and inspiring history of storytelling in Australia.

We’ll broach issues around reading participation, and unpick the Roadblocks to Reading in a wide-ranging panel around the challenges and opportunities we face in increasing rates of reading for pleasure, featuring Professor Robyn Ewing AM and Anita Planchon

A series of lighting talks will share some innovative ways to engage readers of all ages. Here the team from Deakin University will introduce their long-awaited findings of the Pathways to Teenage Reading study, while we’ll also have case studies from Tandem Collective and the Tough Guy Book Club.

There’ll be further inspiration with a spotlight on UK case studies, looking at three established national charities – the National Literacy Trust, Reading Agency, and Scottish Books Trust – experienced in changing the story around reading.

We’ll meet experts who’ll delve into the Elements of Success needed to change behaviour and communicate effectively to new audiences, and explore examples of Making Change, featuring successful social change campaigns from speakers such as Scott Ludlam and Kathryn Gledhill-Tucker.

To round out the day, we’ll ask – where to from here? Building on the lessons of the day, we’ll consider the next steps to shape this in order to build a nation of readers.

Browse the full program, and find out more about our speakers. Free tickets can be booked here.