The National Reading Survey 2021 presented by Australia Reads explores how Australians read, borrow and buy books.

Why is it that some people devour books avidly, while others choose not to read at all? Is it too big a leap of the imagination to think we can convert once-a-year-on-holiday readers to engaged daily readers? What are the blockers that prevent people from reading more books, more often?

The results of our inaugural National Reading Survey provide valuable insights for booksellers, publishers, librarians and the industry-at-large in our mission to understand and increase readership of Australian books.

Explore the key findings of our 2021 National Reading Survey including insights into reader demographics and habits, book-buying and lending practices, and more.

You can also explore our explainer articles on topics such as reader demographics, reader motivation and barriers to reading, reading choices, and our national book-buying and borrowing habits.

75% of the general Australian population indicate they read or listen to at least one book (in any format) once a year
42% of Australian readers are occasional readers; reading 1 book every 15 weeks at most
43% of Australian readers agree that family and friends are their number one trusted source for reading recommendations
A huge majority (89%) of Australian readers don’t really mind if the book they are reading is a newly released title or has been out for a while
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Read the full findings of the 2021 National Reading Survey.

The results help the book industry better understand reader behaviour (especially around how consumers choose books). It also provides valuable insights for publishers, booksellers, libraries and other cultural and literary organisations and funding bodies make better informed decisions when it comes to investing in and promoting Australian literary and reading culture.

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