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Naomi Woodward

“Reading is one of our first experiences of magic. By simply reading words on a page, we are transported across the universe and back in the blink of an eye. We can swim with the whales beneath the ocean and we can journey alongside another person in a faraway country. It is a simple magic, yet it transforms us for the better.”

Naomi Woodward has worked extensively in the Australian Arts, Education, Libraries and Bookselling industries, spending time as a scriptwriter and performer in children’s entertainment and working as a seasoned performer in theatre education around Australia. With a strong foundation in literature and critical thinking, her debut picture book Moon Sailors was published October 2022 through Ford Street Publishing and is currently in pre-production for a puppetry adaptation. The first two books in her upcoming junior fiction series, Wendy, Weather Watcher, are scheduled for publication later this year. When she is not spending weekdays as a Youth and Children’s Library Officer or photographing mushrooms in the wild, she works as an ongoing writer/copywriter for the game ‘Illustrated’, exclusive to Apple and Apple Vision Pro.

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