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Lara Cain Gray

“Storytelling is a key part of what makes us human. We use it to share knowledge, encourage empathy, and bring pleasure. Reading enriches our lives by connecting us with stories, and helping us, literally and figuratively, write our own.”

Dr Lara Cain Gray is a writer, librarian and storytelling advocate. She has proudly championed the creative industries as the Australia and New Zealand Curator at the British Library, Curator of Cultures and Histories at Queensland Museum, and in a range of research and teaching roles in Australia and the UK. She is currently Head of Acquisitions at nonprofit publisher Library For All. Lara has reviewed children’s books for over 10 years in academic and popular publications. She is a former Vice Chair at the Queensland Writers’ Centre, a children’s award prize judge, and frequently presents at festivals and conferences on the topic of children’s book creation and appreciation.

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