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Jules and Pierre-Jacques Ober

“Visual storytelling helps us make sense of complex ideas, elicits emotion and increases information retention. Did you know that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than words? We believe that the use of miniatures creates the perfect environment for learning and experiencing. A tiny-scaled world can give us new perspectives and, in unexpected ways, let us see the world in a whole new light. Something too big to visualise at full scale, a building, a crowd or a war, may be rendered comprehensible in miniature because it encourages greater scrutiny and deeper participation. The unique illustration technique developed by Pierre-Jacques and Jules Ober introduces a ‘third dimension’ that traditional illustration cannot usually achieve. The viewer does not know if they have to shrink in order to immerse themselves in the picture or if they will have to grow into the picture in order to feel the immensity of the emotions at stake.”

Pierre-Jacques (author) and Jules Ober (photographer) are a French/Australian creative duo who tell stories by re-imagining history through photography of toy figurines placed in miniature sets. Their first two books, ‘The Good Son’ and ‘Jacqueline – a soldier’s daughter’ have won prizes (notably the NSW Premier’s Young Persons History prize, CBCA short and long lists) in Australia and France for their totally original visual style and their ability to entertain and move audiences, young and old. Jules has made 2 other books using photography of miniatures: ‘Tarni’s Chance’ and ‘Rockpooling with Pup’ for younger readers.

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