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Sullivan, Jane (Credit Peter Derrett)
Photo credit: Peter Derrett

Jane Sullivan

“We live our lives through story and through understanding our world. One page in your lap can open up so many worlds. And you use your imagination to create these worlds, so each world is entirely your own. There’s nothing that can compare to this in other forms of storytelling.”

Jane Sullivan is an author and literary journalist who loves books and has always written about them. Her latest book is a historical crime novel, Murder in Punch Lane (Echo, July 2024). She has written two other novels: Little People, Scribe (shortlisted for the CAL-Scribe fiction award and the UK Encore award for a second novel) and The White Star (Penguin). Her nonfiction book Storytime (Ventura Press) is a memoir about growing up with books. Jane won the inaugural Australian Human Rights award for journalism. At present she contributes to the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald, writing features and a Saturday column, ‘Turning Pages’, about books and writing.

Photo credit: Peter Derrett

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