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Photo credit: Emma Leigh Elder-Meldrum

Hayley Scrivenor

“There is no more intimate artform than the written word. It lets us sink not just into the minds of others, but deeper into our own. The particular magic of words – their ability to render the familiar in a new way, or to show something unknown in such a way that you feel you understand it – touches everything I do.”

Hayley Scrivenor is an internationally best-selling author. Her first novel, DIRT TOWN (2022), won several national and international awards, including the ILP John Creasey ‘New Blood’ Dagger, a Lambda Literary award, and an ABIA for General Fiction Book of the Year. Hayley is based in Wollongong, on the east coast of Australia. GIRL FALLING (2024) is her second novel.

Photo credit: Emma Leigh Elder-Meldrum

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