Now that we’re staying in more, it’s a good time to get reading.

Books – in whatever shape, size, or form – are a great way to unwind, learn new things, discover new stories, and feel all kinds of emotions. Whether you’re reading fiction or non-fiction, periodicals or poetry, journals or joke-books, memoir or magical fantasies… your body, heart and brain all know you’re on to something special. That’s why Australia Reads is encouraging everyone to read a little bit more. (Or even a lot more!)

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Reading is enjoyable and relaxing.

Books can be an escape from the worries of everyday life [1]. Reading also reduces stress by 68% – it works quicker than listening to music, playing a videogame or a walk. [2]


Books help you learn and explore.

Reading makes your world bigger and makes more things possible. Literacy and reading are tools that can help you achieve your goals [3] and help others. So, being able to read can improve your life and the lives of the people around you.


Reading helps your mind grow. It helps connect different parts of your brain. After reading a book, your brain activity is boosted for days [4]. It’s exercise and nourishment for your mind – good for your health now and down the track! [5]


Books create meaning and connect us to others. By reading other people’s stories you can walk in their shoes. And in doing so, learn more about yourself, too [6]. Books build empathy, connection and help you feel less lonely [7]. Plus, sharing books, doing bookish activities, and reading together is a great way to stay connected to the people in your life – and meet new people too!

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