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Sue Neudegg

“Reading helps us understand this life in all its beautiful and not so beautiful guises. Reading is crucial to us each seeking to make sense of our place in the world and often we are lucky enough to discover a character who is “just like me”. Or, we are inspired by stories of people who become our models, our mentors, our inspiration, and prompt us to spread our wings and take flight! Reading is a way to connect with others, our children, our family and friends, especially when we share books. Reading can also be a beautiful haven, a shelter for us when life is a little hard, a source of pleasure and escape and hope.”

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“I will read or listen to an Australian book, whether written or drawn or illustrated or spoken aloud, wherever I may be, in city or bush, in the bath, in bed or up a tree, for one hour on Tuesday 14 September 2021. I will read silently or aloud, I will read by myself or in a crowd. I will read a story that matters to me.”

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